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KVA Architects uses ValueFrame as a management tool

During its long history, KVA Architects Ltd has evolved from a one-man studio to one of the most significant companies in the business. Today, the company’s range of services consists of architectural design, interior design and development as well as the MyWorkPlace service for developing work environments and premises.

With strong growth objectives, KVA Architects navigates its operations and realisation of the growth strategy with the ValueFrame PSA solution. “In 2004, we were included in the ICT project for SMEs financed by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. The prerequisite was that a business management consultant be involved in the project to assess our business processes. We began the process by going through our IT systems and noticed that also the strategy work needs updating. We were lacking a management software. The result of this was that we started the procurement of a professional services automation solution. The consultant presented us with a variety of options, and ValueFrame seemed like the correct and natural choice for us. The ValueFrame PSA professional services automation solution was rolled out in the company in the beginning of 2005,” explains Managing Director Jean Andersson who has worked for KVA Architects for a long time.

ValueFrame first and foremost as a management solution

The goals set for the professional services automation solution emphasised project management, which is typical in this line of business. “We did not really have any centralised monitoring before; it was up to the project manager to follow up on the projects,” Andersson says. “From the first year, the solution provided clearly useful reporting.” The company also handles invoicing with ValueFrame.

“Three years ago, the actual strategy of our company was evaluated, and last year we reformed the personnel strategy and incentive systems. Certain areas have been defined in the strategy where we want to strengthen our position, for example in the field of office building construction. ValueFrame helps us ensure that we have the necessary indicators for the strategy, human resources management and financial administration,” Andersson explains the benefits of ValueFrame.

Strategy first, then the software to benchmark it

“I would definitely recommend ValueFrame to other architecture offices, as well,” Andersson praises and continues, “The nature of our business emphasises project-specific profitability monitoring, and any future rectifications are done on the basis of that monitoring. ValueFrame provides us with extensive tools for this. In particular, small offices often run their business using the ad hoc principle, and therefore I recommend clarifying and documenting the strategy before the solution is procured. The expectations set for the solution must be based on the company’s strategy and goals while the company’s management must naturally have a vision beyond the current situation into the future.”

“In my opinion, it is no longer possible to run a profitable or growth-oriented business without a professional services automation and management software,” Andersson concludes.

KVA Architects’ own office in Helsinki has been designed in accordance with MyWorkPlace model and taking the growth objectives into account.


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