Professional Services Automation

SaaS to improve business efficiency and profitability

ValueFrame PSA Pro is an ERP that provides tools for daily management of professional service companies. The professional services automation system combines all the relevant business information into one solution. ValueFrame shows in real time regardless of time and place what is going on in the organisation and what kind of measures should be taken. The essential features of ValueFrame PSA Pro are listed in the figure below:

From leads to invoicing

ValueFrame PSA Pro includes organisation’s financial information, project and resource management, time-tracking and account and contact information. Management reports help you in decision making to improve business and profitability. Business operations are more efficient through uniform procedures and digital processes.

Easy project management

With ValueFrame creating projects, resourcing and management are simple and project operations are more transparent. Tools assist in systematic project completion and it is easier to get a full view of the projects. Project summary view includes the essential indicators and graphics for project tracking.

Efficient sales and customer relationship management

ValueFrame customer relationship management system shows you account information, opportunities, activities and e-mails in one view. You can easily create call lists and track sales activities and goals. The group calendar works also in your mobile devices. With ValueFrame you can control the whole chain of operations from creating the account to invoicing.

More invoicing

ValueFrame invoicing software makes invoicing faster and minimises the risk of error. Profitability is improved because all invoiceable project activities are invoiced by default. E-invoicing enables automatic invoicing from ValueFrame to accounts as both electronic and paper invoices, depending on the recipient.

Tools to meet your needs

ValueFrame PSA Pro can be implemented in several stages. Business critical features first and additional services later. The system is typically ready to use a few weeks after the order. Additional services can be implemented to meet event the most demanding needs.

ValueFrame PSA Pro tools include:

  • Account and contact registry
  • Employee registry
  • Activity entries and workgroup calendar functions
  • Activity monitoring and reports
  • Aktiviteettien seuranta ja raportointi
  • Opportunity tools
  • Marketing functions such as mass e-mail
  • Project management
  • Time sheet entries and travel and other expenses
  • Invoicing
  • Profitability monitoring
  • Sales forecasts

Industries’ best practices

ValueFrame PSA Pro is suitable for companies of all sizes from small companies of just a few workers to large organisations with hundreds of employees.

With years of experience from thousands of customer meetings we provide a solution that combines your industry’s requirements, processes and best practices into one constant browser-based service.

ValueFrame PSA Pro can be customised according to your situation and needs. To ensure ease of use, each user has only the tools he/she needs. ValueFrame can also be integrated with various other tools such as e-mail and several financial administration software.

ValueFrame PSA Pro industry-specific solutions for the following industries:

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