Document Management

ValueFrame Docs by M-Files - a SaaS solution to your company's document management

ValueFrame Docs is an efficient easy-to-use document management software that covers document and other data management, search and monitoring challenges of companies of any size. Centralised backups and encrypted connections ensure security.

Part of daily work and processes

ValueFrame Docs is seamlessly integrated into Windows and Office and it supports all file formats. You can also save e-mails as documents. ValueFrame Docs can supports also browser and mobile use. Folder-based file structure is history. Each document has meta-data that is used to find the documents easily. For example a contract document can be linked to an account, contacts, account manager and file type.

Controlled document editing

Automatic version history lets you restore an earlier version or compare changes between versions and see who has made changes. Conflicting changes are prevented with document editing reservation.

Better data availability

Documents are automatically classified into view folders. For example all account opportunities, contracts and other documents are under the account’s view. You can search documents by their classification data and content. Accounts and partners can be granted publishing rights.


ValueFrame Docs data archiving complies with regulations. The solution makes moving from paper to digital archives easy. The software is compatible with all desktop scanners and multipurpose devices.

Document management key features:
  • Fast document search by meta-data
  • Quick document saving
  • Documents are always up-to-date
  • Document duplicates are history

Solution for professional service companies

ValueFrame Docs is suitable for companies of all sizes from small companies of just a few 

workers to large organisations with hundreds of employees. With years of experience

from thousands of customer meetings we provide a solution that combines your industry’s 

requirements, processes and best practices into one constant browser-based service.

ValueFrame Docs has been designed for the following industries:

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