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SaaS to improve sales and customer relationship management

ValueFrame CRM is a customer relationship software that is suitable for both sales organisations and individual salespersons. The browser-based solution provides all the necessary tools for sales work and managing customer relations.

CRM Customer Relationship Management

From leads to deals

ValueFrame CRM supports sales teams in all stages of sales work from the first lead to calls and opportunities and to the deal and after-sales service. The system can be accessed both on desktop browsers and mobile devices.

Account management gathers account and contact information, activity history, documents, opportunities and classifications in one solution. You do not need to several sources to find information, and more time is left for new business acquisition and after-sales service. Using the group calendar you can see all your sales team member’s schedules and arrange meetings and other activities.

Comprehensive tools let you create and manage your call lists. You can also send mass e-mails and SMS to different account lists and print address labels for mailing. Activity and other reports provide valuable information for decision making. Creating opportunities is simple and fast. Opportunity templates will be automatically filled with account and opportunity details.

Account history in one view

Information search does not take much time, because all the information is in one place.

Tools to support sales work

You can control your work during all the stages of the sales funnel. Call lists, opportunities, activities and their execution and supervision is easy.

Sales management reports

Comprehensive activity reports help in sales management and planning.

Daily sales tool

The customer relationship management system includes the tools for everyday sales work, and they can be customized according to your needs. To ensure ease of use, each user has only the tools he/she needs. Additional services can be implemented to meet all the essential needs of even the most demanding user.

ValueFrame CRM includes the following tools:

  • Account registry
  • Contact registry
  • Sales activity tracking
  • Sales goal tracking
  • Opportunity management
  • Group calendar
  • Mass communications (e-mail and SMS)
  • Mailing lists
  • Address labels
  • Employee registry

You can expand you CRM with various additional features such as Webleads and Snoobi integration for tracking website visitors. Interested visitors and contact requests will automatically added to ValueFrame.

Mobile synchronisation brings ValueFrame calendar and contacts to your phone.E-mail integration saves important customer conversations in ValueFrame in account information.

Using Postiviidakko and e-maileri integrations you can send mass e-mails as HTML-based messages. Mailing lists are created in ValueFrame and blocked addresses are imported automatically.


Non-industry-specific customer relationship management

ValueFrame CRM is suitable to all companies with sales activities regardless of size. With years of experience from thousands of customer meetings we know how to combine sales tools, processes and best practices in one comprehensive solution.

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