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Why ValueFrame?

Our engineering and architect industry solution is built based on the best practices developed in co-operation between us and the most successful companies in the industry.

ValueFrame lets you manage all your business information ranging from the first customer contact to invoicing and reports. With all the information in one location, the risk of error is reduced. ValueFrame is a cloud service that  works on both on desktop and mobile devices regardless of time and location. This is important in the engineering industry where work often takes place outside the office.

ValueFrame brings efficient tools for business analysis. For example project and account profitability and employees’ average price per hour help you to identify accounts that require more attention and support your decision making and pricing of services.

Time-tracking archives time sheet records and project resourcing helps you plan your operations. Projects can be quickly invoiced in the same system and more time is saved for other tasks.

With ValueFrame you can

ValueFrame includes all the most important tools for project management of engineering offices. It is easy to enter time sheets and travel expenses to projects. Project manager tools such as group calendar, resourcing and task management make project management systematic and efficient. Creating and sending invoices is simple. Invoice content comes automatically from projects. Comprehensive management reports support business analysis and decision making.

ValueFrame products allow automated data export to e.g. financial administration system or data import from financial administration into ValueFrame. Using data transfer information related e.g. to invoicing, payroll computation and travel expenses can be exported directly from ValueFrame to financial administration. Projects’ purchase invoices can be imported into ValueFrame from financial administration, so they can be used in project profitability monitoring and invoicing. Data transfer removes manual data entries and significantly reduces the risk of errors.

Key features

ValueFrame PSA Pro provides the best solution on the market for professional services automation of engineering offices. With ValueFrame you manage customer relationships, monitor opportunities, projects and time sheets, enter travel expenses, invoice and create reports using a user-friendly browser-based service. ValueFrame PSA Pro includes for example the following tools

Customer Relationship Management

Key sales tools. Account registry, call list management, account and contact classifications and opportunity management improve sales work because more time is saved for account work. Group calendar keeps the sales team up-to-date and important account documents are safely archived in ValueFrame.


Time sheet entries create the basis of project management. They are easy and fast to make both on your desktop computer and mobile devices.

Project management

Resourcing and project work estimates streamline work and simplify pricing. Task management allows you to follow and comment project tasks. Everyone can see their colleagues’ schedules in the group calendar. Important project documents are stored safely in ValueFrame.


Project invoices are created directly in ValueFrame and project hours are automatically included in the invoices. This way hours will not be left uninvoiced by mistake and profitability is improved. Invoices can be sent directly in ValueFrame or exported to a financial administration system. E-invoicing is also an option.


Management reports help follow engineering office’s business. Profitability reports, project tracking and sales forecasts support decision making.

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