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Selling to existing customers is 60% more profitable than trying to acquire new ones. How do you take care of the sales of your whole product line to all your customers?

Did you know that as much as 70% of customer relationship terminations are caused by a lack of communication? How often and in what ways do you contact your customers?

Average success percent from first contact to meeting is less than 10%. How do you ensure sufficient communication and its quality?

Ten good reasons to implement ValueFrame CRM:

  • With ValueFrame implementation service you ensure efficient system utilisation right from the start.
  • The best practices in sales and customer relationship management are available to you with the help of our consultants.
  • Integrate your web page contacts directly into ValueFrame CRM. Messages sent via the contact form are moved directly to the task lists of your sales team. This improves sales profitability.
  • Account information is available to the whole organisation. This improves customer service quality and increases customer satisfaction. In addition well managed customer relationships are important to company value.
  • Account information is centralised in our secure and reliable service.
  • Data search and production for the whole organisation is faster and easier.
  • More time is available to maintain customer relationships.
  • Productivity of acquiring new accounts is improved.
  • More time for sales management and sales force support.
  • Sales and customer service can focus on their own tasks; acquiring new customers and improving the service of existing customers.

Do you want to develop your business? We can help.

CRM Customer Relationship Management

More efficient sales and customer relationship management

ValueFrame CRM is a customer relationship and sales management system that is a suitable daily tool for both sales organisations and individual sales persons. The service provides all the necessary utilities for customer relationship management.

ValueFrame CRM can be enhanced with various additional features. Webleads function allows you to transfer contact requests from your website directly to your sales force CRM. E-mail integration ensures storage of correspondence between you and your contacts in the account registry. With opportunity templates you can transfer uniform and standard opportunities directly form the system to your word processing program.


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