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Working in an accounting firm is typically periodic because the same tasks recur every month. When it comes to service quality control and company risk management, customer project data storage is imperative.

Accounting firm profitability can be siginificantly improved with effective processes, data management and accurate time sheet monitoring. Optimised processes give more time for customer work as unnecessary work phases are removed. Centralised data management reduces the time required to search information. Time sheet monitoring increases the amount of invoiceable work and helps in better service pricing.

It is recommended for an effectively working accounting firm to combine sales, operations management and customer relationship management into one. ValueFrame PSA Pro provides all the tools you need in every phase of customer lifespan.

With reports you monitor opportunities, sales, direction and quality, and profitability of services and customer relationships in real-time and in one place. You can predict future cash flows and compare them with your objectives.

With ValueFrame you can

ValueFrame allows accounting firms to analyse their accounts’ key figures more thoroughly. For example it is possible to export account data to ready-made excel templates for the following purposes:

  • A summary of accounting, payroll and consultancy clients for the survey by the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms.
  • A list of account’s key figures for comparing account size and solvency with workload and invoicing.

The Association of Finnish Accounting Firms provides KL2004 contract forms for its members. The forms can be imported to ValueFrame and text fields can be automatically filled with account information. You can also use your own templates.

Key features
Recurring tasks

Working in accounting firms is typically periodic because the same tasks recur every month. In ValueFrame recurring tasks can be created for the whole company or for individuals with necessary intervals for a given period. Task management is significantly easier and routine tasks take less time.

Account registry

Accounting firms can use the account registry for the following example purposes:
- Everyday client communications
- Basis of efficient marketing
- Account information is saved in compliance with the industry standards
- Data source of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms statistics surveys

Time sheets

Time sheet entries form the basis of ValueFrame.
- ValueFrame creates time sheet reports
- Invoices are created using the time sheet information
- Employee billability and profitability can be monitored
- Account profitability can be monitored
- Time spent on internal projects can be tracked

Accounting firm management reports

- Employee profitability and billability
- Account profitability
- Account work and quality

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